Dyson Group 2007 – Present

Having successfully pitched for this business against national consultancy firms, we have been instructed as Dyson’s property consultants.

In the first instance we reviewed their property portfolio of either operational or vacant holdings and identified which had longer term potential for residential development. At the time Dyson did not have the funding, inclination or expertise to promote these site through the planning landscape themselves and as such, we formulated a strategy to identify and sign up a promotional partner, who would speculate the time and money required to secure consents for residential development in exchange for a % of the eventual land value.

We carried out a competitive tender process and selected a promoter to work with us on 5 sites, 2 former brick refractories on the Western side of  Sheffield, 2 Former open cast clay pits in South Derbyshire and a further refractory business in Stoke upon Trent. None of the sites are without their challenges, whether they be associated with depth of made ground in the case of the pits, sensitive fringe of National Park, rural locations or technically challenging de-commissioning and development solutions. One is even linked to the delivery of a new relief road and as such has been caught up in the funding process for the same, suffice to say none of them have been straightforward in planning terms either.

At the present time, we have planning on 3 of the sites, one of which has completed with a national house builder, one we are carrying out further technical due diligence on before taking to the market and on the third, we are revisiting the planning with our selected house builder, in an effort to make the scheme viable due to the extent of abnormal development costs associated with delivering the site. We are continuing to work on the other sites and hope to submit planning on both in 2017.

This project has, over our nearly 10 year involvement, seen T&B utilise our:

Consultancy skills – Formulating, adhering to and monitoring development strategies.

Our expertise in how best to market the sites, timing of the same and identifying the best purchasers

Our all-round experience in overcoming, what seemed at times to be un-surmountable problems, to ensure that the latent value from these valuable assets can be realised in the shortest possible timescales.

Case Studies