Cookridge Lane, Cookridge, Leeds

Identifying land with potential for future residential development, is one of cornerstones of our business. Working with the landowners, we formulate strategies on how best to release the latent value from their assets, on their terms and in timescales to suit their requirements.

In this instance we were referred to the land owners by a local solicitor with whom we had just completed a transaction. We appraised the land, considered its planning prognosis and recommended a strategy on how best to promote the site through the emerging Local Plan and secure a housing allocation. This 13 acre site is situated on the Northern fringe of Leeds and in our views represents uncontentious infill development that will deliver much needed housing in the city.

We selected a Promotional partner to secure an allocation and subsequent consent at their risk and cost, in exchange for a percentage of the land value. Both landowner and promoters goals are perfectly aligned, to bring the land forward for residential development in the shortest possible timescales, at which point we will sell the site on the open market.

Case Studies